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Domestic Help in Trinidad & Tobago

Domestic help can be found and hired at rates considerably below those in the West. Domestic workers are generally found through word of mouth, or taken over from departing expatriates. Few families hire more than a full-time maid and a part-time gardener. Live-in maids are hard to find, because most domestics prefer day work. Some families employ maids and waiters for representational functions, at hourly or evening wages. Baby-sitters are inexpensive but sometimes hard to find. Some expatiate teenagers are able to sit; a few have Red Cross babysitter training.

Third-country domestic employees require approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and their visas are renewable annually. In addition to wages, employers of live-in staff may have to provide meals, and are obligated to make contributions to the compulsory National Insurance plan. If the employer requires the employee to have a pre-employment medical check-up, this should be done at the employer's expense.





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