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Trinidad & Tobago Immigration Information Work Permit

Tourist visas do not permit employment. In order to work, one must obtain a work permit for the job and there must be no suitably qualified nationals to fill the job. In addition, to pay taxes, one needs to apply for a BIR file number (used like a social security number) and a PAYE number. One must file tax returns every year if taxes are owed, and pay those taxes.

Non-citizens and non-residents of Trinidad & Tobago wishing to work or engage in work-related activities whether paid or unpaid in Trinidad & Tobago require work permits. Holders of Certificates of Recognition of Caribbean Community Skills Qualification issued in Trinidad & Tobago do not require work permits, provided their status are certified by the Trinidad & Tobago Immigration.

Foreigners entering Trinidad & Tobago for purpose of work or work related activities may enter for such purposes without producing a work permit provided the period of stay for that specific purpose is not more than 30 days. This facility is only applicable once in any 12 consecutive months.

A work permit when issued is specific to a particular person for a specified period of time and for attachment to a particular company or institution as mentioned therein.

An application for a work permit may be made on behalf of an individual by:

        • a company based in Trinidad & Tobago wishing to employ such person;
        • by an appointed attorney in Trinidad & Tobago;
        • an appointed company in Trinidad & Tobago acting on behalf of a foreign company.

An application for a work permit must be submitted to the Ministry of National Security on the prescribed Form 3. One original form and seven copies must be submitted, and is subject to the approval of the Minister. Medical certificates must be submitted for periods in excess of one year.





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